The Eating Simulator Wiki

Q: How did technodoggo meet ch1ck3n?

A: They met over an online class. They chatted using the class system, wrote a story together, and exchanged emails. They became friends.

Q: When does ID7 come in?

A: He comes in in a pretty long time. ID7 met technodoggo in August 2020, and introduced ch1ck3n to ID7. (Maybe technodoggo is starting to regret that.)

Q: What gender are you all?

A: We're all boys.

Q: How do you communicate?

A: We use Zoom chat. It's surprisingly good to use!

Q: How did ES start?

A: ch1ck3n probably started it to be some sort of animation with buttons. (This might be found at technodoggo asked to turn the ES into a collaboration. Obviously ch1ck3n said yes.

Q: Why did each of the creators choose that name?

A: technodoggo chose it because he liked technology and dogs. ch1ck3n likely took it because he had an obsession over chickens. technodoggo has no clue why ID7 chose that.

Q: How do you collab on ES?

A: We use GitHub.

Q: Are the creators working on anything else?

A: technodoggo and ch1ck3n are working on a short story series called the Doggo Saga where ID7 is the antagonist. (I'm not including a link here because otherwise you know our real names! (AND DON"T CLICK THE EXCLAMATION MARK)) ID7 might be working on something. Technodoggo is working on tons of other things!